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Perry Internet Consulting LLC

Need Help With Your Website?

Our specialty is providing customized website services in a cookie-cutter world.

We’ve helped our clients with website design, website maintenance, moving hand-coded websites into WordPress, changing WordPress sites into hand-coded websites, shopping carts, search engine optimization and more.

Most of our clients have been with us for years.

Please contact us if you’re looking for professional, knowledgeable website assistance from people who can help you make sense out of the technical issues that face a website owner.

Website Maintenance

WordPress Update Service

There's a reason that WordPress is such a popular platform. It's powerful and easy to use, but it does need some maintenance now and again. WordPress software, plugins and even themes need to be updated periodically. Keeping things updated helps to keep hackers out and your site running smoothly.

Do You Have an Older Website?

Do you have a hand-coded or static website that needs to be updated? Maybe you have a group website that was maintained by a volunteer who doesn’t have the time to work on the website any longer. we can help! Is your older business website fine except it needs one little fix? No worries!

Website Design or Redesign

Do you have an existing website that needs a new look? Maybe you’ve just opened a business and are looking into having a website for the first time.

No matter the situation, we can help.

Want to Move your Existing Site to WordPress?

We can move even the most complicated website to WordPress. In the past we’ve helped customers migrate sites into WordPress while keeping the original design and made the switch to WordPress while having minimal website downtime.

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