Clear Those Cookies!

Have you ever been trying to buy something with PayPal or trying to login to a site when things just won’t work right? You click on help and there it is. “Clear all cookies from your machine and try again.” What is a cookie? How in the world do you clear them?

A cookie is an itty bit of computer code that is stored on your computer. Sometimes they tell websites that you’re a return visitor. Some sites use them to keep track of how many times you’ve voted in their online polls. Sometimes they help websites give you personalized information. Cookies are a good thing.

Sometimes though things get goofed up and you just need a fresh start. In other words, it’s time to clear your cookies! It’s a lot like deleting an email. You just want to dump the cookies into the electronic trashcan. Here is a good set of instructions on how to delete or clear the cookies from your machine:


  1. I was just wondering the other day how to clear cookies! This is well-timed info!

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