Domain Name Renewal – A Cautionary Tale

It happened again yesterday.  A client sent me an email asking if I had any idea what had happened to her website.  I took a look and discovered that her domain name had expired. 

As I explained in yesterday’s blog, domain names are unique names or address for websites.  These names are all registered to make sure they’re unique.  Website owners pay yearly registration costs. 

But what if website owners don’t pay the annual fee in time?  The situation wouldn’t be all that serious if this were like returning a library book late.  You’d just pay some sort of fine and be on your way.   It’s not that easy. 

There are people who make their living by buying expired domain names and then selling them back to the former owners at a nice profit.  They’ll add on a $500 or $1,000 processing fee for selling you YOUR domain name back. 

So how do you make sure that your domain name fees are paid?  Talk to the company that originally handled your domain name registration.  Make sure they have your current contact information.  Ask them if they have an “auto renewal” feature.  This feature would allow them to automatically charge your credit card and keep your domain name renewal up to date. 

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