Is That Opportunity Knocking?

One of the things I love about working with websites is how fast it enables business owners to move. As a case in point is Nuts Online.

Last week CBS cancelled the TV show Jericho. Fans of the TV show are protesting and trying to get CBS to reverse that decision. During the last episode of the show one character says, “Nuts!” to a villain’s demands. So the fans decided that a fitting protest would be to send the CBS executives bags of nuts.

That’s where Nuts Online comes into the story. They came up with the idea of putting together a special page on their website that Jericho fans can use to pool their orders. So instead of sending a few pounds of nuts at a time Nuts Online will ship thousands of pounds of nuts at once. Talk about making a statement!

Not only is Nuts Online getting business from Jericho fans they’re getting a lot of publicity. The folks at Nuts Online are web savvy and fast movers. They heard opportunity knocking and they answered the door.


  1. Jeff at Nutsonline has been wonderful! He has embraced our cause with no reservations.
    Hope CBS is prepared for the nuts arriving tomorrow!
    Save Jericho!

  2. He may have been in this as a business man originally but I have no doubt he is in it for the show now. can’t be mad for why he joined just glad he did.;

    http : // www dot dot cgi?09272006
    Jeff is a superstar. What people don’t know is that he had no idea what was going on. He hadn’t even watched Jericho before. A random fan had posted the link to his website business (unbeknownst to him) and the orders started coming in. At first, he assumed it was a prank. After checking into it, he understood what it was all about and he worked tirelessly ever since to upgrade and overhaul his website to accomodate all the fans. I’m thinking he is now a new fan of Jericho. THANKS Jeff. You rule dude.

    http : // www dot nutsonline dot com

    http : / / www dot bringjerichoback dot com

    http : // www dot jericholinks dot com

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