Spammer Arrested

One of the most prolific spammers was arrested here in the Seattle area this week. Robert Alan Soloway, 27, was charged with 35 counts of mail and wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, money laundering and fraud in connection with electronic mail.

Mr. Soloway has quite a history:

  • In 2005 Microsoft won a $7 million judgment against Soloway for spamming.
  • Also in 2005, evidently not a good year for Soloway, an Oklahoma business man won a $10 million judgment against Soloway for violating the CAN-SPAM Act (a 2003 law written to help fight spam) and Oklahoma’s anti-spam laws.

Soloway is ranked as one of the world’s top spammers. Now that he’s behind bars you and I may notice a reduction of spam emails. No kidding! That’s how much spam this guy sent out.

Hopefully he’ll be spending some quality time as the guest of the state.

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