Making Money on the Internet – CafePress

CafePress makes it easy to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and other items relating to your website.  There are no minimum orders, no shipping to do and you can set your own prices.

How does it work?  Go to and get an account. They have detailed instructions that help you with the entire process.  Basically you’ll decide what products you want to feature in your store.  Then you’ll learn about the image size needed for that product.  Upload a picture file to CafePress.  Then you’ll create the product.

You can have as many “basic shops” as you want for free.  In basic shops you’re limited to one design for each product.  You can have one coffee cup, one child’s t-shirt, one adult t-shirt and so on.  For about $5 a month you can have a “premium shop”.  Premium shops allow you to have many different types of t-shirts, cards or mugs all in one store.

I have several basic CafePress shops.  My favorite one is my Charles Dickens shop.  I’ve ordered a t-shirt and a coffee mug from my own shop and was pleased with the quality of the items.  I feel comfortable recommending the products to people who visit my sites.

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