I read about BooksPrice the other day and couldn’t wait to try it out!  Simply go to the site and enter the title of a book (or DVD) that you’d like to buy.  The site will show you a list of possible matches.  You tell it which one you’d like to look up.  Then the site shows you how much the item costs, including shipping,  at online merchants like Amazon.com, Alibris, Half.com and others.  What a time saver!


  1. Reply

    Wow. Amazing. Now if I were only brave enough to order books online.

    I’m old fashioned. Still go to the bookstore!

    (Don’t tell Marsha.)

  2. Tania


    Terrific. I’ve been wondering if this existed. I swing both ways. Love the bookstore, WG, but online is so easy. Don’t be scared.

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