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Say you’re going to be on vacation but you want to keep your blog going while you’re away. You have the posts ready. If only there was a way to schedule your post so that it would be published automatically at a later date. It’s your lucky day! What you want is totally doable with the Post Timestamp feature. Here’s what you do for WordPress version 2.1 and earlier:

  1. Write your post just like normal.

  2. Before you publish expand the “Post Timestamp” area. This is where you’ll enter the time you want your post to appear in your blog.


  3. One wrinkle is that you and your web host may not be in the same time zone. Notice what time the box says when you first open it up.


    That’s what time it is according to your web host. Set the timestamp for the time you’d like the article to appear according to the time zone of your web host. For example, I’m on the west coast. If my web host were in the east coast and I wanted a post to appear at 6:00 am my time I’d set the timestamp for 9:00 am. Set the time that you’d like your article to appear. Then click the “Edit Timestamp” box.

  4. Publish the article like normal. It will appear on your blog at the time you set in step 3.

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  1. Hey, this is amazing! I had no idea WordPress offered this feature.

    There have been plenty of times I waited to publish a post just so it would appear on a certain day. This is going to save me time and trouble.

    Yay! Thanks, Marsha.

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