Is My Website Up?

Years ago I had a web host that wasn’t very concerned about keeping my websites up and running.  Their servers would go down once a month.  This didn’t seem to bother them at all.  They also seemed pretty easy going about getting things back up.  Sometimes my websites would be back up and running in a few hours sometimes it took as long as a day.

I moved my sites to another web host but I still bare the emotional scars of that experience.  I’m really a very friendly, calm person but show me a downed website and my blood pressure rises.  If the host is having a problem they’d better figure it out.  Pronto!  Once the site is back up I want to know what happened and what their plans are for making sure it never happens again!!!!  And by that I mean I want it to NEVER happen again!

One of the things that gets me through my emotional distress in this area is my website monitoring service.  I use Pingdom  but there are a lot of other services out there.  Website monitoring services have computers that check their customer’s websites.  If a site is down they’ll send you an email.  Most services also send you an email when they find your site is back up.  Then you know just how long your website was down.

It’s a great service that helps you have peace of mind about the reliability of your website.

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