Why do we care?

“Why do we care about Technorati?” This was a comment in regard to my recent post on Technorati features.

While Technorati is interesting it might be more of a falling star than a force to be reckoned with.

In 2006 Technorati won the SXSW awards for Best Technical Achievement and for Best of Show. It was a recognized authority on the blogosphere. The website even issued quarterly State of the Blogosphere reports.

Times have changed.

The last quarterly report I see is dated April of this year. Admittedly there might be a more recent report but at the time of this writing the Technorati website is unstable and not searchable. However Google, a strong Technorati competitor with their Google Blog Search product, can’t find evidence of a later report and so I doubt there is one. Also, the reports were written by Technorati’s founder and CEO. He’s recently left the company. There have also been layoffs and an identity crisis. Technorati started out being all about blogs. Its focus changed briefly to video, downloads and the like. Now the site is focused on blogs again.

Technorati? Maybe it was just a phase that blogging went through.

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