As Friendly as a Gift Basket

On a recent episode of NBC’s The Office the folks at Dunder Mifflin got a new website. It was a controversial move as some of the staff felt that there was no way a website could express friendliness or warmth.

What would I have advised Dunder Mifflin?  I would have told them to keep in mind The  Four Cs.

The Four Cs

Custom Design – Your website should be a unique reflection of you and your company. Spend the time and money getting a custom design. It’s an investment in yourself and your business that you’ll never regret.

Current Content – Update your website at least several times a year. Have you won any awards? Are you having a sale? Is your business offering new products? Have you learned anything that you could turn into a case study? You’re constantly growing and changing. Your website should be growing and changing too!

Communicate Your Passion – All the truly successful people I’ve met have one thing in common. They all have passion. They’re passionate about their life, their work and their business. Passion is contagious. Sharing your passion will draw new customers and new business.

Contact Information – A website is a communication tool. Make sure your clients and potential clients have a way to easily contact you. Remember that a website isn’t a substitute for you. It’s another way for you to reach out. Make sure that people can easily reciprocate.

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  1. I think far too many people underestimate the power of a strong Web site. And those that understand its value believe that you have to invest a lot of dollars into it to have any impact. Your advice is sound advice! Especially when you’re in the services business (as someone involved in the tech business also, I understand this all too well!), you need to be able to show people that you are committed to solving their unique problems and that you have a strong sense of who you are. Of course, people want to know that you are professional enough to pay attention to keeping your Web site up-to-date. And then, lastly as you mention, you MUST leave clear and coherent contact information so those that are interested know how to get in touch easily! Giving multiple points of contact (phone, e-mail, fax, etc.) is also really important to make sure you cater to the many different personality styles that are out there! Thanks for the concise and clear Web site tips!

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