Don’t Click That Link

This is just a reminder to not click the links sent to you in emails that want you to verify your data. Typically these emails look like they come from, PayPal, GoDaddy or other large, well-known companies.

One of my clients sent me a great example today. The email looked like it was from GoDaddy but it was one of the best fakes I’ve seen. If you examined the source code for the email you could see that the “clickable” link wasn’t really going to GoDaddy. That was the only thing that gave it away.

The best thing to do if you get one of these emails is to log into your account by going to the company’s website.  That way you can verify your information without using the links in the email.  You should also feel free to call the company in question and ask them about the veracity of the email.

When in doubt – don’t click that link!


  1. I get about 50 junk emails per day. Most of them (90%) go into my junk email folder. Lately I have received emails that looked like a reply to something I had sent them…I didn’t. Also Emails that look like postal tracking numbers if you just click here to track…I didn’t. It’s really getting hard to keep track of what you can or should click on. Thanks for the reminder!


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