WordPress – Save those ideas!

Do you ever have a problem remembering your great blogging ideas? I sure do. Sometimes I’ll be at the grocery store when the perfect idea for my next post pops into my head. Two days later when I sit down to write all I can remember is that I had an idea. I have no idea of what it was.

That situation has greatly improved for me since I started using WordPress to keep track of my post ideas. Now when I get an idea I go to my computer and log into WordPress. I click on “write post” and put in a rough title and a sentence or two about my idea. Then I save the post. The next time I log into the system there’s my idea saved as a draft.

Here’s a photo of the drafts in my other website, BeetleEyes:


As you can see, the draft titles are clearly visible when you go to “write post”. Just click on one of the drafts and you’ll be able to complete the post.

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