WordPress – Why Does My Text Look Funny?

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve written a brilliant blog post in Microsoft Word. With a sense of accomplishment you copy and paste it into WordPress. You hit the “publish” button. Your triumphant smile turns into a grimace as you look at your blog. The text looks funny. What happened?

What happened was Microsoft Word. It’s a great application, don’t get me wrong, but it can really mess up a blog. What you wanted to do was to just paste in the text. Word was as sure as a computer application can be that you need more help than that. It also politely included formatting instructions. What looked fine in Word can look very odd in WordPress.

To get around this you need a helper application. You need notepad. It’s one of those little-used applications/programs that’s found in the accessories part of your computer menu. It’s a simple text editor.

Copy your text from Word. Paste that into notepad. Then copy your text from notepad directly into WordPress. You’ll have all of the text without that pesky Word formatting.

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