Super Secret Second Toolbar – WordPress

Did you know that there’s a secret editing toolbar in newer versions of WordPress? There is! With the second row of buttons you can:

  • change font colors
  • add special characters
  • undo and redo

And that’s just part of the goodies that await you with the super secret second toolbar.

So how do you actually see this wonderful toolbar? I’m glad you asked. If you’re on WordPress 2.1 or above log into WordPress and write or manage a post or page. Put your cursor in the text area. That’s where the words of your post or page appear. Simultaneously press the Alt-Shift-V keys.

If you’re trying this and all you see is a “v” then you didn’t press on the keys all at the same time. Try holding down the Alt and Shift keys and then with your other hand click on the “v”.

Once you’ve managed the contortions necessary to click on all those buttons at the same time you’ll be part of the secret toolbar club!



  1. But, hey, I just press Alt V (no shift) and it works.

    And what’s with WordPress having secret toolbars anyway?? Is it their mission to make life as difficult as possible for non-techies?

    I think so . . . . .

  2. OK, you caught me. Technically speaking, folks with IE can just use ALT-V. People with FireFox need to use ALT-SHIFT-V. But some people don’t know what browser they have. Even thinking about trying to figure this out can throw them into a panic. Since ALT-SHIFT-V works for everyone I just put that in the blog.

    That’s my small way of trying to make life easy for non-techies. 🙂

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