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Ususally I tell people to NOT look at the code view in WordPress. It can be scary. “What is that stuff? What does it mean? Make it go away!” These are all typical responses.

But sometimes a blogger has to bite the bullet. Sometimes you’ve got to look at the code.

Here’s one instance where I’d urge people to brave the code view.


See how the text is beside the photo? What if you wanted to make the text below the photo? Bravely click on the “code” button. (If you have an older version of WordPress it will be called the “HTML” button.”) You’ll see something that looks like this:

<img src=”” alt=”Pig” />

That my friends is HTML. It’s the code that puts the image in the page. In order to force the text to go below the photo you’re going to add some HTML of your own. You’re going to add some code that will force a break. Here is the code to use:

<br clear=”all”>

Put this immediatly after the image code and then save your post.

<img src=”” alt=”Pig” /><br clear=”all”>

And your site will look like this . . . .


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  1. Ha, I just recently discovered the code view in WordPress. Had never even noticed it was there! It is not as scary as one would think, although I still have problems. But it’s funny, that code view button has been in front of my face for a year (the amount of time I’ve written a blog) and I never saw it.

    Sad, really.

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