Working with WordPress – Single Spacing Text

One of my customers had a big problem with adding a poem to her blog. She wanted to single space the text but couldn’t figure out how to make that happen.

Here’s the secret. If you want to single space the text don’t press the “enter” button like you would normally. Type some text and then press the “shift” and the “enter” key at the same time. (Yep, it takes coordination to blog.)

So here’s text . . .

and now I’ve hit the enter button.

And here’s some more text . . .
and now I’ve pressed the shift and the enter buttons

So single space away, my friends!


  1. I want to say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this post! It was so unbelievably helpful, thank you thank you, thank you! =) Have a wonderful day

  2. thank you! I knew there had to be a way to do this single spacing!

  3. Great trick and a time saver…. Thanks.

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