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This weekend I discovered some great finance blogs. These blogs share four qualities necessary for a successful blog:

  • Educational – At these blogs you can learn about financial goal setting, ways to save money, stock market information and more.
  • Personal – These blogs put a personal spin on the topic that’s very appealing. One woman did a financial analysis to see if she could afford to be a stay at home mom. Another blogger tells about the excitement of paying off her credit cards. These blogs give us a look inside people’s lives.
  • Entertaining – Ordinarily I find finance a boring topic, but I enjoy these blogs. It’s hard for me to put a finger on exactly why I find some blogs entertaining and others not so much. I like personal stories. I like good writing. I like inclusive atmospheres that encourage readers to offer comments. While everyone’s tastes differ, one thing is for sure. If a blog isn’t entertaining it won’t build a readership.
  • Applicable – Finance is a topic that’s applicable to everyone’s life. We all want to save money, make more money and make better use of our money.

Without further preamble here are the blogs:

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