When in Doubt, Experiment!

The other week I got a call from my one of my aunts.  She wanted to BCC or “blind carbon copy” a press release and wasn’t sure how to do it.  (As a website developer I’m the family “go-to” gal for all things technical.)   My aunt knew how to BCC one person on an email but she wasn’t sure how to string multiple emails together.  Should she use a comma in between emails?  Maybe a semicolon?

I told her that I wasn’t sure.  I know how to do it for my system but everyone’s system is different.  I suggested she take another approach and experiment.  I asked her to try to BCC something to her two daughters and to me.  We’d let her know how it worked out on our end.

My aunt got it in one.  Her first experiment was a total success.  She was able to send out her press release later in the day.

Are you unsure if your email is working?  Try sending yourself an email.  Do you wonder if the contact form on your website is working?  Go to your website and fill out the form.   Are you wondering how your email signature looks to people with different systems?  Send out an email to a few friends asking for feedback.

The next time you’re unsure about something why not do a little experiment? It can actually be fun.  It also feels very empowering.

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