Researching Other Websites

What would you do if another website approached you about a joint venture? How would you know if it was a good opportunity or not? To start with you’d want to know a little bit more about your potential partner. How do you go about researching other websites?

Here are some sites that may help:

  • Whois Lookup – This gives you basic information about who registered the domain in question.
  • Alexa – The data is gathered from a very specific subset of Internet users (those using the Alexa toolbar) so the data shouldn’t be taken as gospel. However Alexa is a fine tool for taking a look at overall trends.
  • Technorati – This is a great place to look up the popularity of blogs.
  • AltaVista – You can see how many people link to a given website by going to AltaVista and entering “link:” into the search box. Say you wanted to look up the sites that link to You’d enter “link:” into the search box. You can see the results here.
  • Quatcast – This is another tool that should be used for general trending purposes only.

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