On The Road Again

I’ll be spending a lot of time on the road this summer.  What’s a website developer to do to make sure that she’s safe from evil spammers and hackers when she’s using wifi hotspots? She tries to find a good personal VPN service.

I’m using a product from Witopia.net.  The price is reasonable and it seems to work.  The only problem is that installation is not for the faint of heart.  It took hours to install and I now now more about network connectivity than I ever wanted to know.


  1. Hi,

    Very sorry you had problems with the install (WiTopia). Should never have happened. I would guess you’re using Vista (ugh).

    So you know, we’ll be adding a universal Windows installer in coming weeks that will make our Windows install as easy (one -click) as our Mac install.

    Vista has been a “challenge” (I’m being polite) due to its permissions issues and bugginess. Still, it shouldn’t take “hours” but only minutes unless Vista didn’t let you install as administrator. That’s when it can be a pain and our Support staff has to advise.

    We also do include a WiTopia PPTP VPN, in addition to our openVPN -based service, so I apologize if that was not brought up to you immediately. PPTP takes 3-4 minutes to setup and uses Vista’s built-in client. It’s VERY easy.

  2. Bill,

    You’ve got it right. I’ve got Vista. 🙂

    I should have mentioned your company’s great technical support. They were very helpful. They did bring up PPTP right away. While the installation of that product was easier (and that’s what I’m using right now) it still took some time.

    If the installation was easier this would be a GREAT product. Many people think it’s safe to use wifi hotspots. They don’t realize the risks.

    I’m recommending your product to my website developer pals. As I said though I had a lot of problems during my installation. As a result, I’m NOT recommending it to my friends and customers who aren’t very experienced technologically.

    I’d love to hear from you once your Windows installer is done. People really need a product like yours. Your price is very reasonable. You have great technical support and the product works great once it’s installed. If the installation were easier I’d say that EVERYONE should use your product.

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