I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at real estate websites lately. I love looking at the photos of the homes for sale. I envision what it would be like to live in those places. I dream of the beautiful view I’d have from my new office. And sometimes I look at the photos and wonder what the photographer was thinking when they took the photo.

One of my recent favorites was a home near Port Townsend, Washington. The living room photo showed a wonderful water view. The only problem was that a television set was parked in front of the large window. I’ll admit that the photographer couldn’t do anything about the television. The owner chose the TV placement. But the photographer could have taken the time to turn the television off before he took the photo. I guess maybe the photo shows the homes good television reception.

This Canadian real estate agent has put together a very funny collection of really bad (and I mean bad) real estate photos.

All joking aside,it’s important to find a good photographer. Here’s a great one in Utah – Danny Lee Photography.

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