E-mail Etiquette

ABC News wrote a great article on E-mail Etiquette the other day.

One of the worst e-mail mistakes I’ve ever seen was when a co-worker complained about the company we worked at to another co-worker. He gave his honest opinion about one of upper management’s recent decisions. It wasn’t complimentary. It named names. It was accidentally sent to EVERY person in the company. Yikes! The co-worker sent out a lovely apology to everyone in the company the next day. To be honest, I’m not sure how long he worked there after that.

The rudest email I ever received was from a co-worker at a major corporation. We were working together on a small project. I’d sensed that this man lacked in social graces during our face-to-face meetings. My suspicions were confirmed when I got an email that said merely, “Call me!” He wasn’t my manager. His arm wasn’t broken. He hadn’t been promoted to the president of the company. This was just his special way of getting things done. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a strong and lasting reaction to two words ever in my life. For his part, I think he was utterly clueless. He was a man of action just trying to get things done. I’m sure it wasn’t personal. I’m also sure that unless he’s changed his ways he finds that his colleagues are surprisingly (to him anyway) uncooperative.

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