I found an interesting site the other day that saves me time AND helps the environment in one fell swoop.   Register at and they’ll help you get your name OFF the mailing list of unwanted catalogs.

Last Christmas I sent my niece a gift from American Girl.   Bailee loved her gift and all was well with the world.  However after the holidays I started to receive American Girl catalogs.  I’d made a purchase from them so it was logical that they’d send me their catalog.  How were they to know that there was no one under 40 in my household?   The catalogs were just one more piece of mail I had to sort.

Catalog Choice to the rescue.  I registered with them and listed that the catalogs that I no longer wished to receive.  It took a few months to take effect but now I’m off the mailing lists of two companies.  I have less mail to sort through and I’m saving trees.


  1. April – Thanks for catching the typo! That’s what I get for doing a blog post so late in the evening.

  2. what a great idea–too bad it doesn’t work. I’ve been diligent about submitting my catalog cancellation requests since this service started up, and I’m still getting the same crap in the mail.

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