Have you heard the expression “cloud computing”?  In cloud computing software and data would reside on the Internet.  (That’s the “cloud” part of the term.) People would log into their accounts on the Internet to generate reports and preform analysis.


  • Cost Savings – Instead of buying a piece of software you’d buy a subscription to use it for a recurring but low fee.
  • Ease of Use – Did you ever have have trouble installing software?  Were you ever forced to upgrade your system so a program would run?  These problems wouldn’t occur in cloud computing.  The software is installed on a server, not on your computer.

Possible Problem

  • Security – With this information technologies model information that would have been kept in-house may now be stored with another company.  It’s true that a larger organization would have more resources to put in superior barriers to hackers.  They could afford custom programming.  They could buy state of the art equipment.  On the other hand, the payoff for anyone hacking into the system would be huge.  That means that the data repositories could draw a lot of attention from hackers.

What it Could Mean

If cloud computing gains widespread acceptance then look for computers to become leaner and sleeker.  The servers on the Internet will do all the heavy lifting in terms of memory and computing speed.

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