Well, for some people it does.  There were reports last week that Bankaholic was purchased by Bankrate, Inc for $12.5 MILLION dollars.  There is said to be another $2.5 MILLION dollars available to the founder if the blog attains certain performance goals during the next year of operation.

Wow!  Congratulations to John Wu the founder and sole employee of Bankaholic!

It looks like John zeroed in on some key concepts on his way to the dream blog scenario:

  • Niche Market – He focused on a popular niche market.  People are VERY interested in how to make money and how to invest the money they already have.
  • Monetize – Even before the sale of his blog John figured out a way to make money from his blog traffic.
  • Frequency and Quality of Posts – Just look at John’s most current posts.  They’re timely.  They’re filled with good info.

Yes, there’s a lot to learn from Mr. Wu both in terms of finance and in publishing a great blog!

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