Coffee Cup Dilemma

Earlier this week I was doing some CafePress coaching with one of my clients.  Things were going fine.  We went over adding images, making products and setting up her store.  Then we came to the issue of coffee cups.

CafePress allows you to make custom coffee cups.  Here’s one of mine from my shop.

Charles Dickens

It looks like a perfectly regular coffee cup doesn’t it?  Who would suspect all the angst that occurred over the placement of the photo?  Should the art be placed so that people will see it when they drink from the mug?  If so, which side would that be?   Should the art be placed so that it’s facing away from the drinker so that they can make a statement?

I pulled all the coffee mugs out of my cupboard to see where the art was placed.  Then I looked through about a dozen CafePress stores to see what others had done.  I discovered there was no clear guideline for coffee cup art.  In the end I put the artwork across the cup from the handle.

So how did I advise my client?  I told her about my angst, what I’d heard from others and then advised her to go with her instincts.

Even in technical matters sometimes your instincts really do provide the best answers.

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