Did you know that website pages come in many different types? It’s true. You web browser (probably Internet Explorer) is built to handle many different types of website files.

  • .html or .htm – These are “regular” website files.  HTML stats for Hyper Text Markup File.
  • .shtml – SHTML pages are a step up from HTML.  These are HTML pages with the ability to interpret server side includes.  Server side includes (SSI) files are bits of code that SHTML pages can share.  A great way to use this is to have a shared menu, header and footer file.  It makes website maintenance very easy.
  • .asp – ASP stands for Active Server Pages.  These files typically are used on website hosts using  Windows as the operating system for their server.  They have their own coding language.
  • .php – PHP pages are my favorite.  (Yes folks, I really am a geeky website developer.  I have a favorite type of website page.)  PHP is a coding language that works very well with MySQL databases.  This is the file type used in WordPress.

In general no file type is inherently better than another. I do tend to stay away from plain .html or .htm files though.  Those are the only type of files that can’t share snippets of code.  Maintaining a website that exclusivly uses HTML takes more time and effort than other websites.

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