This week I asked a customer if she wouldn’t mind being the subject of a little WordPress 2.7 experiment.  She graciously, perhaps also a little cautiously, agreed.

012209pluginI’d just updated her blog to 2.7 and I wanted to see if she found adding plugins just as easy as I did.  I instructed her to click on the Plugins link on the dashboard.  (Yours may have a different number by the word plugin.  That’s OK.)

Then she scrolled to scroll to the bottom of the plugin page.  She clicked on “Plugin/Browser Installer”.

She typed in a search term and found the “Share This” plugin.  Then she clicked on the link for the plugin.  The pop-up box gave a warning saying that the plugin hadn’t been tested in 2.7.  I told her I was using it successfully and so she clicked on the install button.  The plugin was installed and then she clicked on “activate”.

In just a few minutes my client had installed her first plugin.

I’m,waiting for the next version of WordPress to come out.  Then I’ll test the update/upgrade functionaily.  Assuming that it passes the test I’ll advise all my clients to migrate to the latest version.  I am very impressed with the way it empowers users.


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