An Odd Duck

A List Apart has just published their 2008 survey of people who make websites.  About thirty thousand people responded to this survey.

It appears that most website developers are men. (I knew this before.)  More than 50% of respondents were under 29. (I had no idea.  When did this happen?)   About 20% of those who responded had been in the field for ten years or more.  (How old are these people when they start working on websites?)

I guess I’m just a walking, talking statistical anomaly.  As a female website developer who’s over 29 all I can say is that, I enjoy bringing something a little different to the table.

And all joking aside, I’m happy for those who are starting out in website work at an early age.  It’s a wonderful field with a lot of room for people with different skills and different visions.

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