Websites 101 – Picking Your Domain Name

If you’re thinking about putting up a website one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what domain name to pick.  Ideally you’d want a domain name that has all of the following qualities:

Easy to Remember

Make sure that people can remember your domain name.  You want them to be able to tell their friends about it, email others about it and most importantly, visit your site again.

Donny Osmond must have been thinking about that when he selected his domain name, What’s so special about that you ask?  I happened to visit his site about two years ago and I still remember the domain name.  Sometimes, especially before the coffee kicks in, I can’t tell you what day of the week it is.  But I’ll always remember Donny Osmond’s domain name.

Easy to Spell

What if people remember the domain name but can’t spell it correctly?  That doesn’t work very well.  You want to make sure that people can find your site.  Again, Donny Osmond is all over this issue.  Who ever would have thought that he’d be a great example of website development?

Filled with Great Keywords

The art of having a site found in the top spots of an Internet search is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  You can give your site a boost in terms of SEO by making sure that the words people are going to type into a search engine to find you are part of your domain name.

A great example of this is the website owned by my customers the Campground Owners Association of Montana.  What would people type into a search engine when looking for campgrounds in Montana?  They thought about it and then selected


The domain name should also describe the website.  A good example of this is my very own  Guess what the site does?  It has quotations from literature.


Unless you’re Donny Osmond it will be hard to find a domain name that fits all the criteria. So what are you supposed to do?  Take the qualities one by one and think of domain names for each one.  Then look at your list of possibles and see what domain name fits more of the criteria than the others.

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