WordPress Tags

When you’re writing a post in WordPress you may have noticed an area on the right labeled “Tags”. I’ve circled it in green in the below photo.

WordPress Tag

WordPress calls tags “micro-categories for your blog.”  In this area you can write keywords that apply to your post.  If your template is tag enabled then your tags will appear in your post.  The tags will be clickable and will lead you to a page,  much like a category page,  of posts with the same tag.

There are some benefits to using tags:

  • While you should keep categories down to a reasonable number for purposes of navigation, you can go wild with tags.  You can have as many as you want.
  • Tags make another page for your blog.  That’s another shot at gaining readers via a search engine.
  • Tags can be used to make a tag cloud.  What is that you ask?  Go to Sara L. Chapman’s Fave Photo blog and keep your eye on the column on the right.  As you can see, a tag cloud shows what you write about and your most frequently used tags.

So while you don’t have to use tags, it can’t hurt either.

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