Working With WordPress – Adding a Link

4/24/16 Visit the updated version of this post here

Sometimes it’s the little stuff that gets you.  Little things like how to add a link in WordPress.  Sure it seems simple once you know how, but until then it’s a huge frustration.  Let’s take care of that frustration right now!

To add a link in WordPress type some text in your post editor.  Then highlight the text that you’d like to be “hot”.  That’s web developer lingo for linked text.

The Link Icon

Do you see that icon in the top row of the tool bar that looks like a chain link?  Click on that.  That will cause an entry screen for your link to appear.

Insert Link

Enter in the URL of the place you want to link to.  Leave the “Target” alone if you’re linking to another page in your own blog.   If you’re linking to another website use the target dropdown menu to select “Open link in a new window”.  You can ignore the “Title” and the “Class”.

Click on “Insert” and you’ve made a link!


  1. How do you add a hyperlink if you don’t have that toolbar? Is that the WordPress toolbar? There must be a simple way to add links without using the toolbar mustn’t there?

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