Google Personalized Search

Recently a friend and I were talking about Google search results.  We queried Google for the same term and received different results.  Why?  I was logged into my Google account at the time.  I discovered that Google uses people’s web history to try and give them more relevant search results.  While that might be nice in general, it’s not at all useful when trying to analyze search engine rankings.

What Is Google Web History?

Google gives the following definition of Web History.

You know that great web site you saw online and now can’t find? From now on, you can. With Web History, you can view and search across the full text of the pages you’ve visited, including Google searches, web pages, images, videos and news stories. You can also manage your web activity and remove items from your web history at any time.

How Do I See Non-Personalized Google Results

If you’re interested in viewing non-personalized Google results log out of your Google account before submitting a query.

If you’re curious you can see your history by going to

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