WordPress 2.8

I’ve made the jump to WordPress 2.8. What do I think?  I think that that the new theme downloader is fantastic!

In WordPress 2.8 when you click on the “Appearance” tab in the left-hand navigation bar you’ll see a new option.

Add New Theme

See the “Add new Theme”?  When you click on that you’ll see a lovely interface that helps you find just the right WordPress theme.  It’s much easier to work with than the theme interface on the WordPress.org site.

Pick out WordPress themes

From there you can browse themes, preview them and in the end install them with a click of a button.

Install Theme

I’ve circled the “Install” button in green in the above photo.  Once you click on “Install”  WordPress will download and install the theme for you as if by magic.

To switch the theme on your blog just click on the “Appearance” button again.  You’ll see all the themes that you’ve downloaded.  Click on “Activate” and you’ve changed your theme.

What’s the next version of WordPress going to do?  Bring me lattes and doughnuts?

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