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I’ve been working on WordPress for years and doing a little more all the time.  I was surprised when I realized how many WordPress services I provide:

  • Creating customized WordPress themes – These themes vary from totally personalized with a custom design to variations on an existing WordPress theme.
  • WordPress Coaching –  I coach customers over the telephone.  Each of us logs into their system, then I talk him or her through adding posts, adding photos and making links.  When we’re done the customer knows how to use WordPress.  Additionally, they know who to call if they need more lessons, assistance or advice
  • Adding WordPress blogs to existing sites – Assuming that the website server is compatible with WordPress, I can easily add a WordPress blog to an existing website.  I make the blog look like the website and then provide the website owner with WordPress lessons.
  • Modified WordPress Websites – WordPress is the ideal tool for customers that want to maintain their own websites.  By customizing a WordPress theme I can make a WordPress blog look like a regular website.
  • Adding Widget Capability to Older Themes – I can update older WordPress themes to make them widget enabled.

Feel free to contact me about any of these services.

In addition to all of this I’m co-authoring a book with Skip McGrath on making money with WordPress blogs.  The book should be coming out this month.


  1. WordPress has come on leaps and bounds but I would still appreciate some help from some customization. Do you have a scale of fees?

  2. I currently charge $61 an hour. For something like this, I’d like to learn more about what you’d like done so I can give you a bid.

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