Internet Wayback Machine

I love the Internet Wayback Machine!  Go to the site and plug in a website URL.  The Wayback machine will then give you a list of dates where it has a snapshot of that website.  It’s not perfect in that the site can be slow and there can be broken images, but it’s still fun to look and see the way that websites grow and change over the years.

Take this site for example.  At first the site was brown. At that point I’d taken my first web development classes and had a day job working in accounting.  I did website development at night and on the weekends.

Perry Inernet Consulting

Next came the pretty purple site.  By this time I was working as a website developer for a telecommunications company.  I worked for myself in the evenings and on the weekends.

Perry Internet Consulting

Next came “the window”.  During this phase I had left the corporate world and was working for myself on a full time basis.  As a small business owner, this still included night and weekend work.  I guess it’s a good thing that I really like what I do!

Perry Internet Consulting

Since then I’ve left the window and moved to current design that I so cleverly call “the coffee cup”.   I think that it represents my specialty area, explaining all the technical stuff to people without technical backgrounds.

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