Exercise Your Laptop Battery

I recently had to replace my laptop battery.  It would no longer hold a charge.  After a mere forty five minutes the battery was done.   It charged up again just fine.  Then it was ready for another grueling forty five minute run.

The reason for this substandard performance is, believe it or not, lack of exercise.  Laptop batteries like to be used.  When I first got my laptop, I let it sit for a number of months.  When I finally switched to my laptop, I didn’t use the battery. I plugged it into the wall outlet.   Sure the battery was fully charged, but it never had to pull its weight.  It just sat around all day.  By the time I needed to take the poor thing out and about, the battery was shot.

Now I use my laptop every day.  I also have a note on my to-do list to unplug the laptop every Monday.  I unplug it.  Go about my business.  After a blissfully normal two hours, the battery is almost drained and I plug it back in.

So  remember to exercise your laptop battery.  If that exercise needs to take place at a Starbucks while you enjoy a peppermint mocha, then so be it.  You’re just doing your laptop a favor!


  1. You’re absolutely right!

    I do the very same thing and my battery lasts longer now than it did when I bought it!

    It wasn’t something I was consciously doing at

    I’d be working away on my computer and I’d totally forget that my battery wouldn’t last very long. So, I always ended up suddenly getting that warning signal telling you that you’ve got 10% battery life left…

    And then I’d curse loudly, jump up and run off to find my lead…

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that nowerdays my battery lasts much longer 🙂

  2. Glad to find this info, and this is what my laptop does that drives me crazy…..it turns itself off.

    Yeah, right in the middle of my work, if it thinks it is to hot or whatever, it shuts down.

    Now, when I reboot my work is still there, but with this particular laptop, I find it frustrating because even in the middle of making a video or something…….there it goes!

    I wonder how many laptops do this. 🙂

    1. My laptop started doing that after I got my new battery. What I discovered was that the new battery doesn’t fit as snugly as the old one. So sometimes the laptop thinks its battery isn’t there. I positioned the battery more carefully and it’s been fine since.

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