I recently received this comment from a reader:

I bought the book that you wrote with Skip McGrath about how to make money blogging and it is GREAT! I now have my own blog and I was hoping you could answer a question for me. (I have been using your blog for reference and it is very good even if I don’t have a bread maker!)

How do you get the “subscribe by email” widget/thingy that you have at the top of your page?? I have the RSS feed thingy but I don’t know how to get the subscribe by email one. if you can help, THANKS!

In the book I co-authored on working with WordPress, I use my Bread Machine Diva blog as an example.  (Yes, I’m a website developer who bakes her own bread.)  As you can see by the following image, I’ve got some swanky icons in the top of Bread Machine Diva.


The one that caught my reader’s attention is the subscribe to the blog via email. The icon itself came with the Atahualpa Theme that I use for the site.  The ability to send out blog posts via email comes from FeedBurner.  Just sign up for an account with them.  In the “Publicize” tab of the FeedBurner  page you’ll see the area that allows you to sign up to send out posts via email.

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