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WordPress gives you the ability to specify a specific URL structure for your blog via the Permalink Settings.  Using permalinks that include names is great for search engine optimization (SEO).  For instance my Bread Machine Diva site uses the “Month and name” structure.  Here’s what it looks like in the permalinks area of my blog settings.

permalink setting

Here’s an example of what it does.  Last month I wrote a post that compared bread flour and all purpose flour.  (Trust me.  This is huge in the bread baking world.)  Take a look a the lovely URL generated by WordPress:

Do you see all the words in the URL?  Search engines love that.  They’ll key in on those terms and it will help my page do well in the rankings for this term.

But what if I want to change the URL?  Maybe I want to add the word “gluten.”  (That’s the big difference between the two types of flour.  It’s all about gluten.)  To change the URL after the post has been saved, just click on the “Edit” button below the post title.

Edit Permalinks

Then you’ll be able to tweak the URL of your post.  Be sure to use dashes in between your words.

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  1. Hey Marsha:

    Good stuff! I’ve reworked – I hope successfully – my post permalinks. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow.


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