Resizing Images With the WordPress Photo Editor

I finally had the opportunity to take the new WordPress photo editor for a spin.  For those of you that haven’t heard, the built-in photo editor was one of the new features in WordPress 2.9.

I was most interested in its resizing capability.  I see a lot of people uploading huge photos that make their sites painfully slow to load.  Even if they’re able to make the photo appear small, the download time is still way, way long.

To resize a photo simply upload a photo like normal.

You’ll notice a new “Edit image” button.

Click on “Edit image” and then click “Scale Image”.

That section will expand and you’ll be able to resize the image.  Enter the desired width in the first box.  WordPress will fill in the second box with the appropriate height for that width.

If you don’t know how wide your images should be, you may need to experiment.  To give you some idea of the sizing, all the images in this post are 450 pixels wide.

From there you insert the image into the post just like normal.  Here is the photo that I resized.  If you’re concerned about image quality click here to see the original (way too big) image.

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