Updating WordPress – Part Two

Note: This page was updated 10/12/2015

Earlier I explained how to prepare for your update by backing up your files.  Now it’s time to actually do the the update.  Are you nervous?  Don’t be.  Updating WordPress is amazingly easy.

First, open up the public view of the site in a fresh browser window.  Open several tabs so that you can see key pages like the home page, the blog, the contact page or any mission-critical pages. You’ll use this as a basis of comparison for after the update.

Now it’s time for the actual update.  In a separate browser session, log into your dashboard.   Go to the Updates area.


There are separate areas for updating the WordPress software, plugins and themes.  Click the box beside the items you want to update and then click the update button.  WordPress will do it’s thing and shortly you’ll see the success message.

That’s it.  Pesto chango you’ve upgraded your WordPress software!

Now it’s time for some post-update testing.  Take a look at your site. Compare the updated version with the version before the update. (Don’t refresh the view in first browser window. You’re trying to see before the update and after the update.) Do the sidebars still look the same? Is your navigation bar working? If you have a contact form, fill it out and make sure you get the email. If you just updated an online shopping application, then make a test purchase.

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