I’ve often written about the importance of renewing domain names.  Domain names are registered by the website owner and there’s an annual registration fee.  Once that fee runs out, then another party can register that name.

The subject came up recently in the news.

Brian McCrary was a disgruntled man.  He’s been caught speeding by a traffic camera on US Highway 11E.   He didn’t think it was fair as, “the speed limit, for no reason, changes from 55 to 45 on a four lane divided highway. About 100 yards away a speed camera is waiting, sucking over a quarter million dollars a month out of the local economy.”

The ticket was a sizable $90 from the city of Bluff City, Tennessee.  When Brian went online to look up some information about the matter, he made an interesting discovery.  The domain name of the police department website was about to expire.   He saw an opportunity to take his revenge.  Brian bought the domain name out from under the police department.  The website now features stories about the misuse of those pesky traffic cameras.

The moral of this story?  Remember to renew your domain name!

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