Schedule Your WordPress Posts

Wait, why don’t you check out the 2016 blog post on this subject instead? 

Are you planning a vacation this summer, but would like to keep your blog running while you’re away?  No worries.  WordPress allows you to schedule publishing dates for posts in advance.

The first step is to log into your dashboard and write a post.  Once it’s ready then look at the publishing area to the right of the editing area.

Publish Area

Click on “Save Draft” to save the post.  Then click on the “Edit” after “Publish Immediately.”

Edit Date WordPress

Then you’ll see a place to set the date and time that the post will be published.

Change Publishing Date

Enter the date of when you want your post to go live.  Then click on “OK.”

Change Post Date

You’ll notice that instead of “publishing” your post, you’ll now be “scheduling” your post.

Schedule Post

Click on “schedule” and you’re set!   WordPress will make your post live on the scheduled date.


  1. -is it possibley to schedule a post only for a specific time intervallum?

    For example if you have a “daily quote”, or a “daily picture”, or “this week best author”,,etc..

    Meaning its only appeare for the time you set, and going archive to give place for the next scheduled post.

    Any idea, how to fix that? Thx

    1. Author

      Interesting question. There are some plugins for daily quotes. Why don’t you head on over to WordPress and check them out. I’ve never used any of them so let me know if you find one you like. Good plugins are hard to find. 🙂

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