Akismet is Charging a Fee?

Akismet is a lovely service that protects website publishers from spam.  It’s a must-have application for bloggers.  Recently I was walking a client through the registration process and was stopped in my tracks when I was directed to this page:

Akismet Fee

This really threw me for a loop.  Akismet is a fantastic product.  I don’t begrudge the company for wanting to make some money in return for all their hard work.  The fees are reasonable.  And yet I felt as though my mother just announced she was going to start charging me for dinner.

I emailed Akismet and asked them about this change.  As it turns out, this isn’t a change at all. This is what they had to say:

We haven’t changed our terms or pricing.  Akismet has always required a paid subscription for commercial use.

Free API keys are still available – just click the Free API Key tab near the top: https://akismet.com/signup/#free-api-key

The terms are the same as before. That is, free API keys are provided for personal and hobby sites; commercial use needs a commercial subscription.  The only thing we’ve changed is our signup process, which now makes the terms and fees clearer.

So this just represents a change in the way the signup information is presented, not a change in pricing.

UPDATE:  The link to the free personal site option is now under the paid services.  Akismet


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