Premium CafePress Shop

I’ve written about CafePress shops before.  They’re fairly easy to set up and it’s one way that website owners can make money online.  The CafePress interface allows you to make a wide variety of products.  There are t-shirts, greeting cards, water bottles, Thermos containers and even thongs.  Too much information?  Sorry.  The point is that you can make all kinds of products at CafePress.

I recommend that people initially get a basic CafePress shop.  The basic shops are free.  It’s a great way to experience CafePress without spending any money.

The next step is to have a premium CafePress shop.   That allows the store owner to have more product choices and to have a CafePress store that looks like their website.  Let me show you an example.

LitQuotes is a top-ranked quotations page.  This is how the interior pages of the site look:

And this is the LitQuotes Premium CafePress shop:

Note the similarity of the designs. The art at the top of the page is the same.   The font is the same.  Most importantly, the navigation is the same.  This allows people visiting LitQuotes to look at quotes, pop into the online store and then return to the quotes.  There’s much less danger of losing precious visitors when they go to the store.

CafePress offers a lot information about setting up premium stores.   They even have some lovely templates that you can use.  However, if you’re interested in having a CafePress store that looks like your website please feel free to contact me.

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