It’s no secret that I adore WordPress.  It gives people the ability to maintain their own websites without special software or extensive training.

But once in awhile WordPress can be a pain.  I’m speaking specifically of the instances when I want to copy HTML, JavaScript, iframes or other code into a WordPress page or post.  WordPress is designed specifically to save us from nasty HTML.  So if I paste in some code, WordPress sometimes takes it right back out.  That’s the application’s way of trying to be helpful.  What was I thinking anyway?  Working directly with that scary code.  It’s WordPress to the rescue!

How do we get around that?  We use the Easy Embed plugin.

Once you install the plugin you’ll notice a “Custom Field” box toward the bottom of the page when editing posts or pages.

Custom Field

Simply enter the code into the “Value” area.  Give that snippet of code a name and add your custom field.  Assuming the name you gave the field was “graph” then you’d enter the following where you want the graph to appear on yoru page or post:

[easyembed field=”example”]

That’s all there is to it.  Easy Embed, is holding the graph code in a safe place and preventing WordPress from zapping it into oblivion.  You can even update the graph code if you need to.  Just edit the code in the value box and click on “update”.


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