Is It Comment Spam or Not?

Do you ever get a comment and wonder if it’s comment spam or not?  I’m talking about comments that make it through Akismet and sound like they might be real. “I like your site and have added it to my bookmarks.  Thanks so much for helping me with this topic.”

The comments are generally short, positive and vague.

Here’s a trick to tell if it’s a real comment or not.  Run the comments through Akismet a second time.  Akismet is always refining its process and so it may be better able to figure out if something is spam the second time around.

Log into your WordPress Dashboard.  Click on “Comments” in the navigation on the left side of the screen.  You’ll see all your comments with the unapproved ones on top.  Click on “Check for Spam” toward the top of your screen.

Comment Spam

Akismet will then take another look at your unapproved comments.  Today I had eight unapproved comments and Akismet marked five of them as spam.

For the remaining three I looked to see if  they added anything to the discussion of the blog post.  They didn’t and so I removed them.

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