Sorry to be so long about updating you about WordPress 3.1.2.  My recent days have all been about GoDaddy.  You can count on several blog posts about last week’s adventures.  In the meantime, I do NOT recommend GoDaddy for WordPress hosting. You can also look forward to an exciting tale of how asking GoDaddy to make one simple change to the DNS settings of a site resulted in an eight hour site outage.

WordPress 3.1.2- What’s New

WordPress 3.1.2 fixes some bugs.  There’s also a security update that deals with a vulnerability that allowed users with contributor status to improperly publish posts.

WordPress 3.1.2 – Should You Update?

You bet!  This is especially important if you have any doubts about your users with contributor status.

WordPress 3.1.2 – Update Information

Remember to back up your WordPress installation before you update. This is what the WordPress update will be like. If this is your first update, prepare to be amazed. It’s super easy!

Once you’ve completed the update, take a look at your site and make sure that everything still works. Sometimes plugins may have problems with the new WordPress software. Don’t worry though, most of the time things will be just fine. If you do discover a problem turn off the plugin and email the developer of the plugin about the issue. They should be able to update their plugin to work with the new software.

If you need help updating your WordPress installation or if you need a WordPress Coach, please contact me. And if you like this post, you may want to subscribe to this blog.

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