Five Noteworthy Links – January 2012

From time to time I come across interesting articles or websites that I think you’ll enjoy.  I save them up until I have five, and then I share them with you.

Here’s today’s batch:

The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good – Working with websites involves making a lot of choices.  PayPal or E-Junkie?  What WordPress theme to use?  What information should appear at the top of the sidebar?  I help my customers make informed choices, but there is rarely a perfect or best choice.  And that’s OK.  We build.  We learn.  We grow.

Google Browser Size Lab – Friend and client, Sara Chapman, sent me this link.  Enter your URL in the box at the top of the page and you’ll get an idea of how your page looks to others.   Because of different monitor settings and sizes what you see when you look at your site and what others see isn’t necessarily the same thing.

Speaking of Sara Chapman, have you had a chance to check out her book?  The Seattle Times called Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory: Blooming Month by Month a “perfect gift for the gardener on your list. Photographer and gardener Sara Chapman has done a stunning job of showing off Seattle’s gem of a conservatory in all seasons.”

Why the Road to Blog Success is Bumpy (and What to Do About It) –  I really like the simple, easy advice from this post.  As with the best posts the advice doesn’t apply just to blogging.

1,000 Visitors Per Day – Customers always ask me how they can get more visitors.  I urge them to follow the same tips that James Penn writes about in this article.

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